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Effective security against airbag theft with area security


Over the last many years, there have been regular thefts of airbags throughout the country. The thieves often resort to violence and cause great destruction. Did you show up in the morning to broken cars and theft of airbags or wheels?


Or do you just want to avoid being a part of the statistics, then we have the solution there actively prevents burglary in your cars.

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Get SITE SECURITY to secure all your cars today!

SITE SECURITY is an active security solution, which means that if there is an alarm, our own dedicated alarm handlers will within a few seconds respond and watch your area. If uninvited guests enter the area, we warn with lights and inform them, through speakers, t it is a private area.


If the intruders do not leave the area, we can turn on the siren and ultimately call on security staff. It is often not necessary to call in security personnel, the costs can be kept down and you avoid burglary and vandalism of your cars.


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We respond in seconds

Dedicated staff to monitor alarms and respond in seconds

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Quick overview and report

Access via app to smartphone or tablet provides a quick overview. You will also recive reports via email  in cases of incidents.

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We offer dedicated staff to monitor alarms and respond in seconds.

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Airbag theft hits dealers twice

Although Airbags have a high price, it is most often the consequential damages after Airbag theft that hit the dealers the hardest. 


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Car dealer recommend

We researched the market for alarm solutions, and it seemed both cumbersome and expensive to get a new system built in.


When we discovered SITE SECURITY, we decided we would try it for a while. The price was reasonable and we could terminate the collaboration, if it did not work. the system was set up without problems, I did not have to do anything - and then it just ran since 

Brian B. Nielsen, Service Manager

Semler Retail, Risskov

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