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The SITE SECURITY system offers you online access to our calendar function through our web app .

SITE SECURITY online calendar function can be used to - or disconnect your devices, or cameras, within the previously agreed safety times - works both on weekdays and on weekends. It is possible to make planning for each and every camera individually in ALL areas so you can make sure all your valuables are safe at night.

With SITE-SECURITYS web app you can access both on or off at any time of your devices, or cameras, without the need to contact SITE-SECURITY

online calender site-security.png

What is the calender function?

The calendar feature is an online scheduling tool where you can schedule arm- and disarm for yout devices, or cameras, and communicate quickly and easy with SITE-SECURITYS system.


It is possible to make planning within the already agreed security period , but it is not possible to change the agreed security period - if this is desired, contact SITE-SECURITY.


The SITE-SECURITY calendar feature also makes it easy to share information safely between all the members of your security solution.



At SITE SECURITY we constantly develop new features for all our surveillance units around the world. That make our solutions customized for lots of different kind use.


Many of our features has been develop on a request from a customer.

Feel free to contact us if you also have a request for a feature.



Many of out features is controlled in our customer portal. We have develop the software ourself and are very safe to use.

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Since SITE-SECURITY has started monitoring our areas, we have not had a single burglary. It's really impressive.​​


They have friendly staff who make sure that everything is fixed and completed quickly. We are very satisfied.

Jesper Behrensdorff, Bijé Fritid & Camping ApS



At LEGOLAND, they have been happy with the mobile solution in the parking lot that can be pillaged down when the season ends.


The fully connected system means that one has avoidedpatrol rounds of the area. In addition, the park has saved the nvestment in a permanent system, as this mobile monitoring can be rented while the season is in progress.


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