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What is Guard Patrol?

First of all, it is important to understand what guard patrol is.

Today, patrols takes place by physical guards, "viewing" a site, fence, area or whatever the desired task. Typically, the agreements are that the security company's physical guards drive out to the tasks a few times a night, light up with their flashlights or go for a walk with a guard dog around a fence. A heavy and often not very effective security solution, as the clever thieves will do their homework and most often thereby can plan their intrusion at times when the guard is not on site.


We can do it much better, read on below

site-security smart video guard is vurtual.png

Virtual Guard Round - security 24/7

With Virtual Guard Rounding, we exploit the potential of our surveillance models and software to create what we call Virtual Guard Patrol - 24/7 security.


The virtual guard patrol takes place by our guards at the alarm centre via our software and solution in the customer's area, makes an active (virtual) view of the area, several times during the night and thus can react and get in touch with the uninvited guests even before they are in the customer's area and our alarms are triggered.


By using the proactive features in our solution, we scare thieves away before they have the opportunity to destroy the customer's values

virtual guard with site-security


At SITE-SECURITY we constantly develop new features for all our surveillance units around the world. That make our solutions customized for lots of different kind use.


Many of our features has been develop on a request from a customer.

Feel free to contact us if you also have a request for a feature.

guard surveillance customer portal from site-security


Many of out features is controlled in our customer portal. We have develop the software ourself and are very safe to use.

Site-security surveillance.png


Since SITE-SECURITY has started monitoring our areas, we have not had a single burglary. It's really impressive.​​


They have friendly staff who make sure that everything is fixed and completed quickly. We are very satisfied.

Jesper Behrensdorff, Bijé Fritid & Camping ApS



At LEGOLAND, they have been happy with the mobile solution in the parking lot that can be pillaged down when the season ends.


The fully connected system means that one has avoidedpatrol rounds of the area. In addition, the park has saved the nvestment in a permanent system, as this mobile monitoring can be rented while the season is in progress.


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