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At Site-Security we are specialists in security and surveillance, we often work with specially designed solutions for unique challenges. Our systems and products embraces wide and covers a myriad of uses. Including security and monitoring of storage areas

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Specially designed solutions for storage security

SITE SECURITY delivers active security solutions, which means that if an alarm triggers our dedicated security staff will treat the alarm as soon as within seconds.


If uninvited guests arrive in the area, we first warn with very strong LED lights and inform the uninvited guests through speakers that it is private area and they are told to leave the area immediately. If the uninvited guests do not leave the area, we can turn on the alarm siren and ultimately call in external security staff. ​


It is often not necessary to call-on security staff, the costs can be kept down and you avoid burglary and vandalism in the storage area for fixed monthly expenses without large extra bills from an external security company.


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We respond in seconds

Dedicated staff to monitor alarms and respond in seconds

site security surveillance storage area aapp

Quick overview and report

Access via app to smartphone or tablet provides a quick overview. You will also recive reports via email  in cases of incidents.

site security surveillance storage area fast


We offer dedicated staff to monitor alarms and respond in seconds.

storage area site security surveillance rent


Get your storeage areas secured by renting a active CCTV tower.


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SITE SECURITY have nothing to hide. In fact, we are quite proud that we probably have Denmark's fastest response times in active surveillance.


That is why we have developed a system that gives you full transparency with the alarms we have set up for you as well as our alarm centres handling of triggered alarms. ​


Lasse Østergaard-Jensen


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