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Caravans and motorhomes throughout Denmark are plagued by theft. These thefts can go on for a long time because the thieves most often start by stealing the inside values.

It is especially the winter-stored caravans and motorhomes that the burglars go after. These are left untouched for a long period of time.


Stop the thieves easily

With a simple solution, you as a dealer can easily solve the problem. At the same time, as a sales parameter, you can offer your customers extra security.


caravan dealer site security surveillance (9).png

Theft is a time waster

For you as a dealer, theft is a time-consuming task that costs many employee hours. It is rarely easy to find the right furniture for every caravan or motorhome. Then it must be ordered and assembled. This must be done before the customer goes on holiday.

caravan dealer site security surveillance (14).png

Burglary you do not detect

When the burglaries are "invisible" are fences and ordinary surveillance cameras are unfortunately not enough to bring the problem to an end. The crucial thing is that the cameras monitor your entire outdoor area at the same time as they are connected to a manned alarm centre.

caravan dealer site security surveillance (4).png

Stop the thief with active surveillance

The best way to avoid theft is by preventing it while it is going on. Our system responds immediately to intrusions. Our manned alarm centre warns uninvited guests with speakers as well as sirens and lights. By being actively present in your area, we can completely prevent theft. We call the police or a physical guard immediately if suspicious people do not leave the area.

caravan dealer site security surveillance (3).png

Security is an important factor

It is important for your customers to know that their caravan or motorhome is safely stored by you. Once you have set up our units, you are therefore welcome to use the active monitoring as a selling point in your marketing and pricing.


caravan dealer surveillance.png
caravan dealer use site-security for surveillance.png


They have friendly staff who make sure that everything is fixed and completed quickly. We are very satisfied.

​Jesper Behrensdorff

Bijé Fritid & Camping ApS

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