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Vandalism with graffiti belongs to most cities and areas. Whether it is nice to look at or not, it is vandalism, and a very expensive one of a kind for the municipalities and companies that are exposed to graffiti vandalism. ​ But the solution to graffiti vandalism is just around the corner, the many models in Site-Security's model program can function as an all in one active security and surveillance solution against graffiti vandalism . Which model to choose depends primarily on the location, and since all Site-Security's models are mobile and thus easy to move, it is important to have the right dialogue. Contact us for the best sparring.

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An active monitoring solution

SITE SECURITY is an active surveillance solution and with fast response times makes us the fastest at getting in touch with graffiti painters - before they even get started in committing vandalism.

With our speaker we get the painters to leave the site faster than the police would arrive.


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Economically sustainable monitoring

Removing graffiti is a very costly burden that only works temporarily, and for some graffiti painters perhaps even provocative as their works have been destroyed they will feel the urge to do graffiti vandalism again. 

The finacial opportunities at SITE SECURITY are great, and will most often be able to cover for many hours of graffiti removal. 

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All-inclusive solution

At SITE SECURITY, we take pride in providing a comprehensive solution that matches your needs. You no longer have to grab a sea of business partners or bother with opaque prices.  

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Easy app

Access via app to smartphone or tablet  provides a quick overview.

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We wil sendyou a report via email  in cases of events withvisiting of painters and other intruders.


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SITE SECURITY have nothing to hide. In fact, we are quite proud that we probably have Denmark's fastest response times in active surveillance.


That is why we have developed a system that gives you full transparency with the alarms we have set up for you as well as our alarm centres handling of triggered alarms. ​


Lasse Østergaard-Jensen


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