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Nellemann A / S had for a long time experienced burglary and vandalism at their departments around the country. The Aarhus department in particular had been hit by burglary.


"We have been very bothered by theft around our cars. Specially on airbags and other expensive parts we have been hit. It was a very boring statistic and an expensive affair for us. Money that I would actually rather spend on our employees ", says CEO of Nellemann A / S, Jørgen Gravgaard.


Jørgen Gravgaard looked for a solution that could solve the problem, and got in touch with SITE SECURITY, where the overall security package made an impression on the director:


“SITE-SECURITY offered an overall package, and I felt most comfortable with the solution they presented. It was especially the manned alarm centre that constantly sits and keeps an eye on our valuables that weighed heavily in our choice of security. Of course, the price had an impact, but the most important thing is that when we turn the key and go home in the evening, people sit and keep an eye on our values on our site. This means that we can sleep safely at night, ”says Jørgen Gravgaard.


After SITE-SECURITY was installed on the site, not a single thing has been stolen from the area:


“We have not stolen a single thing since we installed SITE SECURITY. We have been so satisfied with it that we have expanded with a solution in our department in Roskilde. It gives a great sense of security that we can leave the site knowing that there are people sitting and keeping an eye on our values for us ” tells the director.

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Nellemann had SITE SECURITY installed in the Aarhus department to test the system - after having tried guard patrols and electric fences without success. They were so happy about it that they chose to set up a similar SITE SECURITY solution in their department in Roskilde. After the systems came up to run in both Aarhus and Roskilde, nothing has been stolen since



Should I recommend Site Security? We would not have expanded with the solution for our department in Roskilde, and an additional unit here in Aarhus, if it did not work. We can see how big an effect it has had. We have not had anything stolen since it came up. So yes, I recommend SITE SECURITY. We are really happy with that.

Jørgen Gravegaard, CEO at Nellmann A/S

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Nellemann has been in the Danish car industry for 115 years and today employs approx. 250 employees with their own car shops in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Roskilde and Valby. Nellemann has a turnover of around 2 billion and the group is responsible for the import of Kia and Aston Martin.


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