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The carpentry & joinery business Hjalmar Hansen has, with the help of SITE SECURITY. completely put an end to theft at their construction site.

Before they had the camera mast "OBSERVER" set up, they had two thefts in 14 days - alone on the same Funen construction site.


During the thefts, a total of more than DKK 150,000 was stolen .


Ole Andersen from  Hjalmar Hansen talks about the thefts:

After 2 weekends of burglary I got enough. It became expensive in both acquisitions and wasted working time. The thieves ran away with everything from roadway covers, electricity and wires to our sheds, concrete formwork and groundwater pump. I dare not even think about how much damage could have happened if the groundwater pump had been stolen during a rainy weekend.


The police could not do anything. The same applied to the insurance company.

It was all materials that were placed outdoors on the construction site. That's where most of our values lie.

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Zero burglary at the construction site

Site-Security was quick to set up the fuse. Since then, we have not had a single burglary at this construction site.

Usually we do not use construction site security at all. My experience is that something like construction site fencing hurts more than it benefits. The thieves completely do not care about the construction site fence. In return, it gives us more hassle with cleanup and repair.


With the solution from Site-Security, we have had no trouble. They even stood to set it up and remove it again. The best thing, of course, is that we have not had a single theft while the active surveillance has been running.

The smart system that comes with the fuse has even made my job as a main contractor easier. For example, I have been able to easily follow if my people have arrived earlier and when there are deliveries.

Easier working day

When Ole Andersen has been able to see such things, it is because he receives an e-mail report from Site-Security's security center. The e-mail report is sent together with a short video clip each time the duty center registers activities within the security period.


As the main contractor, it is not necessarily Hjalmar Hansen who has the greatest values on the construction site. But it is important for them to deliver on time.

Our subcontractors have significant values on the construction site. To split the bill, I therefore contacted the two largest of my subcontractors. That way, it was virtually nothing we each had to pay each month. In return, the security benefited us all.

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I would definitely recommend SITE SECURITY to others. I will also use them again myself.

In fact, I have been so amazed at how effective active surveillance is that in the future I will have it on the offer list.

Ole Andersen, Hjalmar Hansen

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Hjalmar Hansen is a carpentry and joinery business based in Sønderborg and Aabenraa in southern Jutland. They offer a wide range of tasks ranging from service and new construction to renovation.

At the construction site mentioned, Hjalmar Hansen was in the process of helping OK with the construction of a laundry hall in Nørre Aaby. A task that they perform all over Denmark.r OK.


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