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The need for active surveillance and securing of remote site is a growing problem. At Site-Security we offer a remote site security system that can put an end to vandalism, thefts and personal injury.


Often remote sites has a bad security level. The site is often far away from any view. It can also be expensive to hire a guard patrol to the area. The next problem is the lack of power to run a security camera of to light up the area.

remote site security

Remote site security with no power

With its own power system our VIKING SOLAR is a great choice then you need a remote site security camera.

Remote site security camera with build in light

VIKING LIGHT is a great choice then you need to put light on dark areas. The CCTV tower contain 4 powerful LED panels. Our manned Security Centre can use the light to scare the intruders away.


remote site security

Bridge & highways

Stone throwing from the bridges and remote highways is a terrible problem. Crimes that are difficult to do something actively against, but with a remote SITE SECURITY system, we finally can end this phenomenon.

remote site security

Economical guard patrol

Through our remote site security camera our manned security centre can do a scheduled virtual guard patrol. If our guard detect any problems at your remote site our guard will immediately call for a physical guard.

remote site security.png

Mobil remote site security

Our CCTV towers is extremely moveable. You can put it up and move it around yourself. That make it the perfect solution for sites where the need of surveillance change over time.

remote site security.png

Built-in energy system

VIKING SOLAR have a built-in energy system. There is no requirement for power connection.


remote site security system
remote site security


At Site Security we have develop several model that are perfect for remote site security.


The need for a remote site security camera is a common problem all over the world. Therefore we have develop three different CCTV towers that match each sites individual needs for a security system. ​


Lasse Østergaard-Jensen


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