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You get an unlimited number of alarms then you have a solution from SITE SECURITY.

We will check every single one to give you maximum protection of you site. Regardless of whether you have 0, 100 or 1000 alarms through the day. We will not charge you extra.


We typically receive many alarms if an animal love to prowls through your site. Or maybe some trach one night is blowing around with the wind.

unlimited number of guard alarms.png

All-inclusive solution

At SITE SECURITY, we take pride in providing a comprehensive solution that matches your needs for site surveillance. You no longer have to grab a sea of business partners or bother with opaque prices.

  • You are always up to date on incidents on the site

  • No liquidity binding or obsolescence of your surveillance system

  • One partner who handles all tasks

  • Immediate response to alarms from own dedicated alarm centre

  • We deliver

alarm warning surveillance.png

Alarm type:


A verified alarm is then we get an alarm and our guard can se a treat at your site. That could be people who is prowls through your site. They have not necessarily doing vandalism or stealing anything – yet. With the verified alarm the guards are taking action with the speaker, siren and/or light.

Then this happen you will always receive a report by e-mail.

alarm warning surveillance.png

Alarm type:


Then an alarm is not verified our guards have check the alarm and found no possible treat. The alarm may have been triggered by an animal, plastic flying around or perhaps trees sweeping into the beast.

In case of a not verified alarm you will not receive a report by e-mail.

Site-security surveillance.png


Since SITE-SECURITY has started monitoring our areas, we have not had a single burglary. It's really impressive.​​


They have friendly staff who make sure that everything is fixed and completed quickly. We are very satisfied.

Jesper Behrensdorff, Bijé Fritid & Camping ApS



At LEGOLAND, they have been happy with the mobile solution in the parking lot that can be pillaged down when the season ends.


The fully connected system means that one has avoidedpatrol rounds of the area. In addition, the park has saved the nvestment in a permanent system, as this mobile monitoring can be rented while the season is in progress.


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