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Put an end to container theft and vandalism.

Containers now have a huge number of different purposes and are no longer only found in ports and large monitored and top secured container terminals. Containers are to be found in many places and help us fulfill many purposes, such as temporary storage. However, containers are also used on a large scale for shady and criminal activities, including especially smuggling and illegal immigration


- with SITE SECURITY's container security, we will help to put an end to this.

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Container security and surveillance

SITE SECURITY is an active security solution, which means, if there is an alarm at your containers, our own dedicated alarm staff will within a few seconds respond and monitor the container units. ​


Then uninvited guests arrive at the containers, we warn with light and inform the uninvited guests by direct communication from our security staff through the active two-way speakers on all SITE SECURITY models for container security. If the uninvited guests do not leave the area, we can turn on the siren and ultimately call the police or other security personnel.


It is often not necessary to call security guards or the police, the costs can be kept down and you can avoid theft, smuggling and vandalism.


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Manned monotoring center

Dedicated staff to monitor alarms and respond in seconds.

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Easy app

Access via app to smartphone or tablet  provides a quick overview.

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Complete security and monitoring of your containers both day and night

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Reporting via email  in cases of incidents around your containers


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We wanted a solution where we could monitor our machines in a local area. We wanted to prevent any problems, and over the last 14 days there have been some alarms, but nothing has been stolen yet. So it works as it should.


Kenneth Olesen,

Business Manager P. Olesen og Sønner A / S

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