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With active surveillance and monitoring solutions from SITE SECURITY for plant nurseries, you are guaranteed state-of-the-art solutions with a minimum of self-administration and the market's fastest response times. ​


All SITE SECURITY's solutions are mobile and can thus easily be moved to where the risk of burglary is greatest at the nursery and it is thus no challenge that the risk area changes during the season.


Our CCTV towers cover large areas and are therefore perfect for the nurseries' large production facilities. In the case of large nurseries and we are working on several solutions, we offer the possibility of virtual guard patrol. ​


Active area security at nurseries can be used for a myriad of purposes and tasks, contact us for more information about securing nurseries

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Esbjerg nursery have used SITE SECURITY

Esbjerg nursery uses SITE SECURITY for active area security. The decision to install SITE SECURITY came after a period of many burglaries and thefts to a considerable value, despite traditional guard patrol / guard surveillance.

Read case-story HERE >>>


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We respond in seconds

Dedicated staff to monitor alarms and respond in seconds

plant nursery security system

Quick overview and report

Access via app to smartphone or tablet provides a quick overview. You will also recive reports via email  in cases of incidents.

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We offer dedicated staff to monitor alarms and respond in seconds.

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Get your plant nursery secured by renting an active CCTV tower.


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It is always a sad sight to meet at work the day after a theft, we will avoid this in the future, which is why we have searched far and wide for a security and surveillance solution that could meet our needs significantly better than before.

We support SITE SECURITY, which is also from Esbjerg, fairly quickly, and after several meetings and presentations of their thoughts and products, the choice was simple.


Lars Nielsen from Esbjerg Nursery.

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