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Hybrid Generator - All-in-one solution.heic

80% reduction in diesel & CO2
Save up to £6,700,-. per month

Hybrid Generator - The perfect all-in-one unit for the construction site

With the SITE-SECURITY Hybrid Generator you get many functions in one solution and save up to £6,700,- per month compared to a normal generator.
The Hybrid Generator includes active security with connection to a control center, live monitoring, generator to supply power to the entire construction site, light pole with powerful LED panels, large battery pack for hybrid, and internet acc
ess point.

With this versatile device, you can easily provide security, lighting and power supply for your construction site. The Hybrid Power Generator is environmentally friendly as it includes a large hybrid battery pack that reduces CO2 emissions by up to 85%.

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85% reduction in diesel consumption

85% reduction of CO2

Power for the entire construction site

Active security of the construction site incl. monitoring center

Live view of camera + app

Light pole with powerful LED panels

Sirens for use against burglary attempts

Internet access point with up to 1000m range

Can be easily moved around the site

Hybrid Generator - Reduce Co2 footprint.heic

80% operational savings vs. normal generator

80% operational savings vs. normal generator

Green power to supply the entire construction site


Our HYBRID POWER GENERATOR is a reliable, powerful and environmentally friendly power source that can provide a stable power supply for your entire construction site.

Designed to handle a large number of simultaneous loads, the generator is ideal for supplying both small and large construction sites with energy for lights, power tools, heating and cooling systems, etc.

The generator is equipped with a reliable engine and alternator, ensuring high efficiency and a long service life.


Solar module


The SITE-SECIRITY Hybrid Generator has a connection for our Solar Power Station. The solar module can significantly reduce CO2 emissions when connected to the Hybrid Generator.


By harnessing the power of the sun, our Solar Power Station module can generate clean and sustainable energy, reducing the amount of greenhouse gases that traditional generators emit. Not only does this help to combat climate change, but it can also lead to cost savings.

The solar module is an optional extra

Hybrid Generator - Solar module.heic

Active perimeter protection with connection to a central monitoring station

For construction sites without power, we know how important it is to have a reliable generator to power the entire site. Typically, the generator is the "heart" of the whole operation, and therefore a very important part of the site.


We have fitted an active safety solution on the generator itself. This ensures that no one can get in and steal from your construction site, and we can scare the thieves away before they get to the assets. You get a mobile surveillance system that is connected to our monitoring center, which always keeps an eye on your construction site.


The security solution consists of 3 cameras, each of which form their own security zones and notify our monitoring center about illegal intrusion on your construction site. In addition, the unit is fitted with a loudspeaker, sirens and floodlights that can be activated in case of illegal entry.


In 99.4% of all cases, we scare the thieves away before they reach the valuables.

Should it happen that the thieves do not respond to the alarm, we will of course send police or physical security to the location.

Central monitoring station.jpg
SITE-SECURITY Battery pack.jpg

Large battery pack


On our HYBRID POWER GENERATOR, we have placed great emphasis on being as efficient as possible. By including a large 15KW battery pack in the hybrid power generator system, excess energy generated by the generator can be stored and used later. This means the generator can run at a more optimal level, reducing fuel consumption and increasing overall energy efficiency.

The battery pack acts as a buffer between the generator and the electrical load, smoothing out fluctuations and delivering more stable power to the construction site.

Lower noise levels: As the generator does not need to run continuously, it automatically switches off when the battery is charged, thus reducing noise levels on the construction site.

Lower emissions: By reducing the need for the generator to run continuously, the hybrid system reduces emissions.

Light pole for construction site lighting

We know that working hours on construction sites do not always follow the light hours of the day, and therefore light can often be needed on site. Lighting can be crucial on construction sites to create a safe working environment for workers. Light poles provide an even illumination over a large area of the construction site, which also reduces the risk of accidents.

HYBRID POWER GENERATOR has 4 powerful LED floodlights mounted, which provide a large lighting area around the generator. This way you can extend the working day and ensure your projects are completed on time.

Hybrid Generator - Construction site lighting.heic

Live view of camera through app


As with all our other products, you can access the device's cameras for live viewing. This can be done from your phone, so you can always follow the progress on the construction site.


Then there's our customer portal, which allows you to manage your devices and get statistics on alarms, etc. 


All of this can be accessed from the web, so you don't need to be present on site

Green Power Solutions


At SITE-SECURITY we think a lot about the environment and how we can have a greener future. That's why we are always constantly developing our products to make them greener.


Our hybrid generator for construction sites can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 85%. With a combination of batteries and fuel engine, our generator minimizes environmental impact and enables you to have a reliable power source for your entire construction site.

The Hybrid Power Generator is fuel efficient and can reduce diesel consumption by up to 85%. This means you can save money on fuel costs while maintaining a stable and reliable power source for your construction site.

We know how noisy a generator can be, which is why we've made our Hybrid Power Generator as quiet as possible, making it more comfortable for your worker on site and neighbors in the area. By combining battery technology with an efficient fuel engine, our generator significantly reduces noise levels compared to traditional generators.

Operational monitoring



Our technical team monitors the operation of the Hybrid Generator.


We have live feeds from the plant on the condition of the generator, oil pressure and service. We also check for low diesel levels and let you know if you have forgotten to refuel before it runs out.




Trailer mounted version - You can move the unit yourself and drive the mast up and down. Is a perfect solution for sites that move and then you get both fuse / generator and lights and more with you all the time so you also avoid downtime due to theft and vandalism.


If you move the unit, you register it via our App and the built-in GPS ensures that we always know where the unit is if a guard needs to be sent out.

Hybrid Generator - Transportable.heic

Hybrid Power Generator dimensions

SITE-SECURITY Hybrid Power Generator.png


3,0 m


2,2 m


1,8 m

Get your quote within 2 hours

Do you have questions about SITE-SECURITY HYBRID POWER GENERATOR or do you want to know more about our other products? Contact us and you'll have an answer within 2 hours.

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