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Get rid of construction site theft - get started with a construction site camera

Get rid of construction site theft - get started with a construction site camera


Thefts on construction sites are now very common, and can cost both time and money for the client and contractor. It is very common for a building to have one area that is particularly vulnerable in one period and another area in another period.




At SITE SECURITY we have develop a construction site security system that match exactly the need for a construction site.

building site camera

Requirements for construction site security system

With SITE SECURITY you get an all-inclusive solution – not just a camera.


On a monthly basis you rent our mobile CCTV tower. The tower is moveable. You can set it up wherever you like and move it around with a lift.


The construction site security cameras have a 360 degree overview and has install our own detective software. Each tower is connected with a live link to our manned security centre. In case of intruders at your construction site the security system will alarm our security centre.


Now the guard take control of the tower and use speaker, siren and light to scare the intruders away. In the few cases where this is not enough to make them leave your construction site the guard will call the police or a physical guard.


mobile construction site security system

Moveable construction site cameras

As the construction site change over time, the tools, machinery and building materials often shift places. We have made it easy for you to always protect your construction sites values. With a lift you can easily move it around and place it wherever you like. 

building site camera upgrade

Security system that evolves with you

As the construction site evolve over time, your construction site security system go with it. All units are rent out monthly. Therefore, you can easily add or downgrade your security system to fit the need of your construction site.

construction site cctv

Security camera

To secure your construction site we only use Full HD construction site security cameras. Each tower contains 3 CCTV that are connected with a live link to our manned security centre. 

construction site cctv

Construction site CCTV

With CCTV cameras only people with assigned access can view and mange your construction site security system. The data from the construction site CCTV is sent on an encrypted connection. 


construction security system


It is not uncommon for there to be several thefts on the same building site. After we installed SITE SECURITY, there has not been a single theft. The solution is very flexible and can be installed quickly, so it is easy for us to secure a new area, even if it is for a shorter period. This is not the last time we work with SITE SECURITY

Simon Astley-Kristensen,

Construction Manager Einar Kornerup A / S

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