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With monitoring from SITE SECURITY, all types and sizes of housing associations are assured modern surveillance solutions at affordable prices. With SiteSecurity's mobility, you also have a movable surveillance and security solution that can be moved according to your needs.



The great advantage of mobile surveillance solutions from SiteSecurity is that the equipment can be easily moved to new housing associations and locations if your need for monitoring and security changes.


Our area security can be used for a myriad of purposes and tasks, our solutions were originally designed for construction sites, but are also perfect for securing and monitoring housing association

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All-inclusive solution

At SITE SECURITY, we take pride in providing a comprehensive solution that matches your needs for site surveillance. You no longer have to grab a sea of business partners or bother with opaque prices.

  • You are always up to date on incidents on the site

  • No liquidity binding or obsolescence of your surveillance system

  • One partner who handles all tasks

  • Immediate response to alarms from own dedicated alarm centre


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We are with you all the way

When you use SITE SECURITY for

housing associations surveillance, we handle everything from delivery and configuration to alarm monitoring, emergency calls and reporting. The housing association's administration does not have to spend time on daily maintenance and can cut sharply in the monthly expenses of physical shifts. 

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Low cost

SITE SECURITY is rented on a monthly basis, at prices where everyone can participate. You do not have to invest in expensive machines and cameras, and only pay for the period you want mobile security for monitoring your site

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All our mobile security solutions for housing associations are extremely mobile. You can move it yourself

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Report for you

In case of intruders we always send you an detailed email report about the event.


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SITE SECURITY have nothing to hide. In fact, we are quite proud that we probably have Denmark's fastest response times in active surveillance. That is why we have developed a system that gives you full transparency with the alarms we have set up for you as well as our alarm centres handling of triggered alarms. ​


Lasse Østergaard-Jensen


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