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When planning events, rallies and similar, it can be difficult to assess which security solution is needed, as it depends on a number of different factors, for example:


  • The type of event

  • Number of participants

  • Event area size

  • The general threat of the event


Based on Site-Security's extensive experience in surveillance and security, we can make a vulnerability assessment, advise you and offer a customized solution for event security and surveillance.


In this way, we can guide you in all the elements that help to ensure that you have a successful event, while you can take care of all the other fun tasks that come with when the event is planned and held.

survelliance for event and conference.png

Easy event seurity system

We offer professional security systems for all types of events.


Small events can often be secured with our simple monitoring models, while the larger events should be secured with several different solutions, which are integrated into a complete surveillance solution. ​


Our mobile models allow you to rent the monitoring solution at the time you need monitoring, with a minimum of work for both employees and volunteers.


event conference site security surveillance (3).png

Never in the way 

The mobile VIKING model allow you to easily move the installations around to your events.

event conference site security surveillance (2).png


Rent with us for short-term events (etc. for a weekend or week).

event conference site security surveillance.png

Not a nuisance

Together with you SITE SECURITY ensures  that all systems are not a nuisance to either you or your visitors, while you have a full overview of your entire event site.

event conference site security surveillance (10).png


Access via app to smartphone or tablet  provides a quick overview for your event.


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SITE SECURITY have nothing to hide. In fact, we are quite proud that we probably have Denmark's fastest response times in active surveillance.


That is why we have developed a system that gives you full transparency with the alarms we have set up for you as well as our alarm centres handling of triggered alarms. ​


Lasse Østergaard-Jensen


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